Rinnegan Contacts
Rinnegan Contacts
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Rinnegan Contacts


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Rinnegan Contact Lenses

The Rinnegan is part of the three great Dojutsu (“Eye Techniques”) with the Sharingan and Byakugan. It is praised as the most powerful one and said to be of a divine power. The one possessing it would either be a god bringing peace and calmness or a god bringing chaos and total destruction. The first one to ever possess the Rinnegan was Hagoromo Otsutsuki, regarded as a godlike figure since he was the first ever on earth to understand meander of Chakra. With this Hagoromo Otsutsuki founded the religion and school of “Ninshu”, which comes before the Ninjutsu. Following the defending of the world against the “Ten-tailed beast”, he was sacred as the “Sage of Six Paths”.  One who’s endowed with the Rinnegan is able to use the “Six Paths Technique” such as: Deva Path, Asura Path, Human Path, Preta Path, Animal Path and Naraka Path. Respectively, attractive and repulsive force; mechanic alteration of the body; extraction of the soul; absorbing chakra; summoning of various creatures; access to the deity that rules over life and death. The Rinnegan is in appearance an eye with black circles, circling around themselves each. The Rinnegan Eye Contacts is available in 3 differents diameters and will be perfect for your naruto cosplay. Be the first to awaken its power and become a god! The Rinnegan Contact Lenses is yours to be in just one click!

  • Diameter: 22MM/17MM/14MM
  • Water Content : 38%-40%
  • Base Curve :8.5mm-9.0mm
  • Ingredient: Soft hydrogel(HEMA)

Additional information

Brand Name


Number of Pieces


Item Weight




Product Type 1

22MM Sclera Contact Lenses

Product Type 2

17MM Mini Sclera Lenses

Product Type 3

14.0 MM Cosplay Contacts Lens

Water Content


Base Curve




Lenses Hardness


Use of Time

1 Years (After opened)

Expiration Time

5 Years (Before opened)

Lenses Wearing Effect

Crazy and Cool Style

Use Occasion

Halloween, Cosplay, Masquerade, Rave Festivals, Costume Parties


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