Itachi Ring
Itachi Ring
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Itachi Ring


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Itachi Akatsuki Ring

In the Akatsuki organization and under Nagato’s supervision, each members were given a ring out of the ten. Each rings were supposed to be worn on one finger in particular and they seemed to have an important role in sealing the tailed beasts into the Gedo Mazo which is sort of the shell that remained after the separation of its chakra and body. It is worn on Itachi Ring Finger (right hand) and named the following : “Shu”, while its colour is red scarlet. Let’s remind ourselves how Itachi made a bloodbath by killed his entire clan, the colour of his ring might be a message regarding this event! Red is also in certain cultures, a sign of courage which we can attribute to Itachi when we know the actual reason he went on to kill the Uchiha Clan, going in the mean time against Konoha and becoming a rogue ninja. With all this, we understand that the rings does not have special abilities except for apparently being useful in the sealing of the tailed beasts. Other than that, they hold more of a symbolic purpose! Itachis Ring will certainly be a great fit on you to complete your cosplay or even for casual use. Get your Itachi Ichiha Ring now and be a part of the Akatsuki group!

About the Itachi Ring :

The itachi uchiha akatsuki ring is a popular item among fans of the anime and manga series Naruto. The itachi uchiha akatsuki ring is a black ring with a red stone in the center. It is worn by the character itachi uchiha in the anime and manga series naruto. itachi uchiha is a ninja who belongs to the organization known as akatsuki. The itachi uchiha akatsuki ring is a popular item among fans of the anime and manga series Naruto because it is a symbol of itachi’s power and status within the organization.

A brief story about Itachi :

Itachi Uchiha was a member of the Akatsuki, an organization of powerful ninjas. He was also one of the main antagonists in the Naruto anime series. He was an extremely powerful ninja, and his Akatsuki ring bore the symbol of a snake. This ring was later inherited by his younger brother, Sasuke. It is not known what happened to Itachi’s original ring. it is possible that it was either destroyed or taken by another Akatsuki member. In any case, it is clear that the itachi Ring is a powerful artifact with a lot of history behind it.

Itachi ring meaning :

The itachi uchiha akatsuki ring is a symbol of power and strength. Itachi was a member of the akatsuki, a powerful ninja organization. He was also one of the most powerful ninjas in the naruto universe. The itachi ring is a reminder of his strength and power. It is also a reminder of the akatsuki’s goals. The itachi ring is a powerful symbol of the akatsuki’s strength and power. It is also a reminder of the goals of the akatsuki. Thanks for reading!

  • Material : Zinc Alloy
  • Ring Type : Cocktail Ring
  • Color : Silver
  • Weight : 9G

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Metals Type

Zinc Alloy





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Wedding Bands



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Sleep Tracker, Mood Tracker

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Tension Setting

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