Itachi Hat
Naruto Hat Itachi
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Naruto Hat Itachi


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Itachi Hat

The Akatsuki has a very distinct outfit that they always wear. You probably know what we’re talking about here! The long Akatsuki black cloak with its red cloud. However, this is not the only element in their outfit, they also wear bamboo hats in the shape of dome with some ornemental red jewels and white tassels hanging over their faces. The reason for this? Well, the hat pretty much cover a good part of their faces so it’s not hard to guess that they wish not to be recognized, especially when every single members are S-ranked criminals coming from every nation in the world. If you’ve followed the path of the lone-wolf, becoming a rogue ninja and hostile to your nation, you probably will need Itachi Hat to not be recognized by anyone! If you wish to cosplay as an Akatsuki member, this is your chance to do so with the Itachi Hat. Made out of wood to replicate those found in the Naruto anime. What are you waiting for to be the best naruto cosplayer in the game ?

  •  Material: Wood
  • Shape: Dome
  • Product Type: Naruto Cosplay, Naruto Costume

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