Infinite Tsukuyomi Phone Case 11
Infinite Tsukuyomi Phone Case
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Infinite Tsukuyomi Phone Case


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Infinite Tsukuyomi Phone Case

The Infinite Tsukuyomi or “Eye of the Moon” plan was something that Madara Uchiha himself had prepared for almost his entire life. Tsukuyomi is an extremely powerful genjutsu that traps the target in an illusion. The user is able to alter time perception of its target by simply looking in the opponent’s eyes. For example, Itachi can project the illusion of something happening for days while it only lasted for few seconds in reality. The “Eye of the Moon” plan is Madara’s will to put the entire world under genjutsu. Technically, Madara would have to project his sharingan on the moon so that he can reflect and reach everyone at the same time. A world of peace according to Madara… This Infinite Tsukuyomi Phone Case pictures the Akatsuki members and the moon with the sharingan reflected in the background. Our Naruto Phone Case collection is the best in the entire marketplace! If you need an Iphone case with some cool designs and that is greatly resistant, you’re at the right place. Our Naruto Phone Cases are made out of soft TPU, a material that encourages shock absorption and durability. A phone case with your favorite anime character on top of it ? What’s more to ask! Our Naruto Phone Cases are available for almost all existing Iphone models. 

  • Material: Soft TPU
  • Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fingerprint
  • Available for the following model: iPhone 13 12 Pro Max 11 Mini XS Max X XR 7 8 Plus

Additional information

Compatible Brand



Full Coverage


Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Scratch, Dustproof, Lightweight, Non-Slip, Waterproof/Underwater, Water-Resistant


Cartoon, LOGO, anime

Compatible iPhone Model 1

iPhone 7 Plus

Compatible iPhone Model 2

iPhone 8 Plus

Compatible iPhone Model 3

iPhone X

Compatible iPhone Model 4

iPhone XS

Compatible iPhone Model 5

iPhone XR

Compatible iPhone Model 6

iPhone XS Max

Compatible iPhone Model 7

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Compatible iPhone Model 8

iPhone 13 Pro

Compatible iPhone Model 9

iPhone 13 Mini

Compatible iPhone Model 10

iPhone 13

Compatible iPhone Model 11

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Compatible iPhone Model 12

iPhone 12 Pro

Compatible iPhone Model 13

iPhone 12 Mini

Compatible iPhone Model 14

iPhone 12

Compatible iPhone Model 15

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Compatible iPhone Model 16

iPhone 11 Pro

Compatible iPhone Model 17

iPhone 11 Mini

Compatible iPhone Model 18

iPhone 11


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