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pain nagato

Who is Pain Nagato ?

Attention Spoiler Alert

Introduction of Pain Nagato

Pain Nagato is a character from the manga Naruto. Naruto is a manga considered as a shonen. It is one of the most popular manga today.

Nagato has a red hair and has the rinnegan. Nagato is during all the animation located in the hidden village of Ame, from this place he controls the corpse of Pain and lives through him.

Nagato is a descendant of the Uzumaki clan which is Naruto’s family.

Pain is a character with an extravagant look. Indeed, he has orange hair and a multitude of piercings on his face. He wears a long black jacket with red clouds. This jacket is the famous outfit of the akatsuki. The akatsuki is a group of disowned shinobis whose goal is to recover and reunite all the tailed demons. Pain is the leader and the chief of the akatsuki, which makes him a particularly charismatic and powerful character.

Nagato’s Story

nagato pain

Pain appears for the first time in a flashback in chapter 372.

Originally Nagato was an ordinary boy until the war broke out and he became a war refugee. His parents died at the hands of shinobi warriors from the village of konoha.

He will then meet the shinobi master Jiraya who is himself one of the 3 Sannins that is to say one of the 3 legendary warriors. (Jiraya is the future master of little Naruto Uzumaki). Nagato will then develop with time his rinnegan which is the most powerful dojutsu of the shinobi world. Nagato thanks to his master jiraya will succeed in mastering the 6 elements of the chakras which is very rare in the shinobi world.

Nagato will then leave the refuge with his two refugee friends Konan and Yahiko. The three of them found the akatsuki. Basically, the akatsuki is an organization whose goal is to maintain peace and to help the poorest people. It is far from the malicious organization that we know during the manga.

Unfortunately Hanzo and Danzo trap them and kill Yahiko, Nagato’s best friend. Mad of rage, Nagato will sink little by little in the evil. Afterwards, Nagato creates Pain to reanimate the body of Yahiko, his dead friend. Shortly after Nagato will kill Hanzo to avenge his shinobi friend, this death marks the beginning of a new phase in the life of Nagato.

With the disappearance of his friend’s soul, the akatsuki will change little by little his goal. The akatsuki will become an organization which aims to recover the tails demons.

After that, Pain is going to face Jiraya, the former master of Nagato. The fight is hard but Pain on the side of Konan finally wins, Jiraya dies under the blows of Pain.

Pain then goes to Naruto’s village in order to get Kurama, the nine-tailed demon who is inside Naruto. Kurama is one of the most powerful tails demons of the manga.

Pain destroys everything on his way and almost kakashi who is an excellent shinobi and is the master of Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto.

Naruto ends up facing Pain. At the beginning Pain dominates the fight, however when Naruto sees hinata suffering he takes over until he defeats Pain who was still undefeated. Naruto finally finds Nagato and manages to bring him back to his senses. Nagato then dies giving life again to all the shinobis he killed. Note that the death of bread marks the end of the bread arc in the Naruto manga.

During the 4th great ninja war Kabuto will bring back to life many great shinobi including Nagato. Unfortunately Nagato is controlled by his summoner who even ends up suppressing his personality. Nagato is controlled and faces Naruto and Killer Bee. He ends up facing Itachi. Itachi manages to defeat the bread thanks to his Susano. On the verge of his second death, Nagato talks to Naruto and tells him to continue his quest for justice.

The powers of Nagato

Nagato is a very powerful shinobi. At only 10 years old according to Jiraya, he managed to master the 6 elements of chakras. It is important to know that no other shinobi has managed such a feat. So Jiraya thinks that Nagato is indeed the child of the prophecy, the one who will bring peace to the world.

Nagato’s main weapon is his pair of eyes. Indeed he has the rinnegan which is the most powerful dojutsu in the naruto universe. Thanks to his rinnegan he can manipulate 6 corpses (including the corpse of friend Yahiko) which are called Pain. To achieve this, he uses piercings that serve as chakra transmitters.

The main corpse is the body of his best friend. So Nagato uses the power of the corpses he controls. So he can use the power of attraction and repulsion, the control of rockets and guns. Nagato can also use telepathy in order to talk to the members of the akatsuki but also later to Naruto.

Nagato can also with the help of the king of the underworld bring characters back to life, this ability has the defect of being very expensive in chakra. He can also summon the king of the underworld to kill all the characters who lie. Indeed the king of the underworld sucks the soul of the characters who lie.

Nagato’s personality

pain nagato

Nagato is a being who evolved a lot during the manga. We can say that Nagato at the end of the manga is a cold being and who bathes in disillusionment. For him life is not worth living and all the ninjas must die for the death of his best friend Yahiko. Nagato is one of the most appreciated characters by the Naruto fanbase. His cold aspect, his strength and his look allow him to be a very badass antagonist.

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