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Who is Naruto’s dad?

Who is Naruto’s dad?

     All this talk about Boruto’s dad is redundant, because he has a whole series under his name. If you haven’t watched, read or experienced it in some way yet, you’re really missing out on a timeless masterpiece like no other. Naruto Uzumaki is a legendary character with an immortal legacy and many characters helped turn him into just that. So the real question should be, who is Naruto’s dad and what’s his deal? 

     A father is a primary figure in almost everyone’s lives and this couldn’t be more true in Naruto’s case. Naruto’s dad, Minato Namikaze, was not your typical father and the way he influenced his son’s life was stifled by countless negative circumstances. So let’s dive into this fan favorite character and some cool facts about him! 

Who is Minato Namikaze? 

     The one and only Minato Namikaze was the Fourth Hokage, a.k.a. the Yondaime Hokage, of Konohagakure or the Village Hidden in the Leaves. In the village where it all started and ended, the series was spun to life by Minato’s very choices and actions. In addition, he was renowned all over the Shinobu world for his unmatched prowess as Konoha’s Yellow Flash. But like the saying goes, “You either die a Hero or live long enough to watch yourself become the Enemy,” he died a noble and selfless death during the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox’s (Kurama) Attack on Konoha. He made the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life to seal a part of the Nine-Tails into his newborn son, Naruto Uzumaki. 

Minato’s Life Summarized 

     Minato was a young and bright student who entered Konoha’s Academy, harboring the dreams of earning the villagers’ respect and recognition. It was here that he had his fateful meeting with Kushina Uzumaki, to whom he was immediately drawn to. Considered a natural ninja prodigy, he was put under Jiraiya’s tutelage as a Genin and was taught many of the Sannin’s own signature abilities. Jiraiya even believed him to be the Child of the Prophecy, who would someday save the world.

     Following Kushina’s abduction by Kumogakure forces, Minato was the only one to notice the strands of red hair left behind by her. Minato rescued her alone and even confessed his admiration for her, which caused the redhead to fall in love with him. Minato and Kushina got married and thanks to him, she could keep the Nine-Tails sealed within at bay. During this time, he studied the Tailed Beast Ball and began the process of creating his signature move, the Rasengan, at the height of shape transformation. However, he never could combine it with his own nature.

     He was put in charge of his own Genin team, which consisted of Rin Nohara, Obito Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake. He gave them the bell test with the hopes of teaching them the value of teamwork, which worked to an extent but wasn’t as effective on Kakashi. Minato played a pivotal role during the Third Shinobi World War, leading missions and fighting on the front lines. He was powerful enough to single-handedly wipe out the opposing Iwagakure forces at the time and this ground-breaking victory against a thousand ninja forced the Third Tsuchikage to accept a peace treaty. His victory came at the supposed price of Obito’s life and his absence would later cause Rin’s death during Kakashi’s attempt to rescue her.

     Minato also left a big impression on A of Kumogakure by proving his superiority in terms of speed. During this time, he also encouraged A to take care of B, who also hosted a Tailed Beast, and reminded him B was a person too. In recognition of his unparalleled feats in the War, Minato was chosen as the Fourth Hokage. He proceeded to teach the Flying Thunder God Technique to the Hokage Guard Platoon and tried his best to help Kakashi overcome the pain of his past. Over the duration of Kushina’s pregnancy, the couple decided to name their son “Naruto”, after the main character of Jiraiya’s first book. This in turn made Jiraiya Naruto’s godfather and they were certain about their decision. 

     The biggest event of Minato’s life came during Naruto’s birth. The process of childbirth would weaken Kurama’s seal in Kushina, thus many special precautions were taken. Despite the remote location for delivery, barriers around the area and several Anbu guards for protection, a hellish nightmare was awaiting the couple on the fateful day of October 10th. After the delivery, the scene was interrupted by Tobi, who took the newborn Naruto hostage and demanded that Minato backed away from Kushina. Minato saves the baby, but is forced to teleport away to avoid the explosive tags. He teleports back and saves Kushina before she is killed by the Nine-Tails extraction at Tobi’s hands (which was already completed), returning the mother to her child’s side before heading out to protect Konoha as its Hokage. 

     Minato is greeted by a rampaging Nine-Tails in Konoha, barely managing to teleport a Tailed Beast Ball away from the village. He crosses paths with Tobi, who was controlling the Nine-Tails’ actions and decided to defeat him first. Following some trial and error, Minato finally managed to strike him with a Rasengan and branded him with a Flying Thunder God seal, letting him teleport to Tobi whenever he pleased. The final nail on the coffin was a Contract Seal on Tobi to release the Nine-Tails from his control, causing the latter to flee. 

     The freed Nine-Tails continued to wreak havoc, attempting to release another Tailed Beast Ball, which Minato avoided by summoning Gamabunta on top of it. While Gamabunta held Kurama down, he gathered chakra to transport it to Kushina’s location, far away from the village. Kushina manages to restrain the Tailed Beast momentarily, offering to have Kurama resealed into her as she was already dying thanks to the extraction. Minato refused as he firmly believed Kurama’s power would be vital in the future. Believing Naruto to be the “Child of the Prophecy”, he decides to make Naruto the Nine-Tails’ new jinchūriki. However, the Nine-Tails’ chakra was far too enormous to be sealed in an infant, so Minato utilized the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to cut its chakra in half and seal the Yin half within himself. Out of desperation, Kurama attempts to kill Naruto, but is stopped by Minato and Kushina who use themselves as shields. 

     With his dying breath, Minato entrusts the key to the seal to Gerotora and sends him to Jiraiya. While Kushina spoke to Naruto about how much his parents love him, Minato sealed the Nine-Tails’ Yang half in Naruto and wove Kushina’s chakra into the seal that would someday help Naruto to control his power. He added some of his own chakra too, to come into effect if the seal ever came close to breaking. He sent his final request to the Third Hokage, to think of Naruto as a hero and not some monster who caused so much death and destruction.This marked the end of Minato’s life, as the Shinigami finished consuming his soul. 

The Personality to Match 

Minato is a very humble, polite and collected man. He is as perceptive as he is shrewd, well-aware of his reputation and even taking advantage of it on occasion. Regardless, he is not disrespectful and not the type to hold a grudge, even towards Tobi. He tends to blame himself for their deaths, Obito’s fate, Konoha’s difficulties and Naruto’s painful life as a jinchūriki orphan. 

Naruto inherited his father’s indomitable spirits and fierce ambitions, pushing him through all difficulties without ever giving up. Their unwavering loyalty to Konoha and their loved ones set them apart from everyone else, with devotion that inspires others to boot. 

Abilities and Strengths 

Minato is undoubtedly one of the most powerful shinobi in history. So much so that “flee-on-sight” orders were issued to enemy shinobi during the war. His fighting style revolves around suddenly appearing and quickly taking down foes, without the use of time-consuming hand seals. Below is a comprehensive list of his capabilities;

  1. Ninjutsu – He is capable of summoning toads,having earned the respect of Gamabunta. He is also adept at barrier ninjutsu, detecting chakra signatures and the nature transformations of Fire, Wind and Lightning, alongside Yin and Yang Release.
  • Rasengan – The highest level of shape transformation, this self-sustaining technique demands precise chakra control.
  • Space-Time Ninjutsu – The Flying Thunder God Technique allows him to instantly move to the location of anything marked with his special seal.
  • Shurikenjutsu – Minato’s own special weapon was the triple-pronged kunai. These are mainly used as Flying Thunder God seals.
  • Fūinjutsu – The Eight Trigrams Sealing Style was used to seal the Nine-Tails in Naruto. He also effectively used the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to remove Tobi’s control over Kurama.
  1. Chakra and Physical Prowess – 
  • Hailed as the fastest shinobi of his time, Minato’s natural speed and prowess with the Body Flicker Technique were incredible. He could perform his technique before his foes could and dodge effortlessly upon reflex. 
  • Minato had insane chakra reserves, being able to handle massive summons and teleports consecutively. 
  1. Jinchūriki Transformations – As the Nine-Tails’ Yin-half jinchūriki, Minato only got to utilize this power following his reanimation. With Kurama’s cooperation, he could immediately use the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. He wielded chakra arms, Tailed Beast Mode, Tailed Beast Balls and stronger versions of his usual techniques. 
  1. Senjutsu – Like his sensei, Minato learned the senjutsu of Mount Myōboku, enabling Sage Mode. Even while perfectly balancing natural energy with his chakra, his use of the arts was limited.
  2. Intellect – Minato is very keen and boasted the highest scores in the history of the Chūnin Exams written test. He is able to deduce the basic mechanics behind a technique after seeing it once, and build up a plan exploiting its strengths and weaknesses. His observational skills help him understand enemy plans and motivations, striking quickly and precisely afterwards at the most opportune moments.

Death the End?

     Minato’s feats didn’t end after his death. Thanks to the precautions he put in place and the Reanimation Jutsu, this loving father could witness firsthand the kind of man his only son had become. He was definitely not let down and couldn’t be prouder at the end of the series. For spoilers’ sake, let’s not tread into too many details of Minato in the Final Arcs. 

“Happy Birthday, you really become a splendid young man, Naruto.”

     With that, we conclude this article on Naruto’s dad, the Yellow Flash of the Hidden Leaf, Minato Namikaze! What makes him such an incredible character is that he amounted to all this without any BloodLine Traits or Tailed Beasts within him; a normal Shinobi who became one of the greatest by virtue of his efforts alone. And no, he didn’t hail from any big name Clan either! Thanks for reading and we hope this provided you with some great insight on Naruto’s dad! 

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