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Top 10 Naruto Characters

#1 Naruto Uzumaki

naruto uzumaki

Who better to start than talking about the main character of Naruto himself. Naruto is a character who will reveal himself as the adventure goes on to be a very deep character.

At the beginning Naruto is a character who lives alone, he is rejected by everyone because he contains kurama inside him.

Everyone hates him for having in him the monster that destroyed the village of Konoha. His parents are dead, Minato who was the hokage of the village dies while protecting the village from the nine-tailed demon. This adds a feeling of guilt to the main character.

In short at the beginning of the manga Naruto is completely alone.

It is with the time of the trainings and especially the new friends that he has with the passing of time that Naruto becomes a real accomplished character who will even end up becoming the hokage of konoha by gaining the respect of everyone including his best friend Sasuke

#2 Sasuke Uchiha

sasuke uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha contrary to what we think is a character who strongly resembles Naruto. Even if contrary to Naruto, Sasuke is a character who is very appreciated by all the characters of the manga. Indeed he is brilliant, powerful and especially very classy. That’s why all the girls are crazy about him. Unfortunately, Sasuke will lose his parents who are killed by his own brother. Sasuke will then sink into madness and leave the village of Konoha. We are directly hooked to Sasuke for his inner torture and his dark side.

#3 Gaara du désert


For a top 10 Naruto characters, it is impossible to miss Gaara. Gaara is one of the classiest characters of Naruto manga. He is easily recognizable thanks to his beautiful red hair. This character is once again a character who looks a lot like Naruto in his development. Gaara also possesses a tail demon which made him isolated.

He was destined to become a killing machine in Naruto. Gaara in the course of the manga manages to tame his tail demon and becomes a powerful warrior.

#4 Orochimaru


Orochimaru is a powerful warrior who uses the powers of snakes to achieve his goals. Orochimaru is originally one of the 3 sannin Sui which means the 3 legendary warriors. Moreover, Orochimaru masters the 5 chakras from nature. This shows what a formidable enemy the snake master is in battle.

#5 Kakashi Hatake

kakashi hatake

Kakashi, Naruto’s master. Kakashi is one of the characters who lived at the same time as Obito. Kakashi has a very interesting development.

He is originally the disciple of Minato, Naruto’s father. He is in team with Obito and Rin. Kakashi with the time demonstrates his abilities of shinobis and shows his superiority compared to his friends.

One day Minato’s team is trapped, in this tragedy Obito dies. (Or almost) In a last burst of vitality, Obito gives his sharingan of uchiha to kakashi. Kakashi becomes over the years an expert in the reproduction of opposing techniques thanks to the sharingan that Obito presumed dead gave him. Kakashi had a difficult and dark life until he became a shinobi teacher and met the team 7 composed of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. From then on, Kakashi turned more and more towards the light until he became the hokage after Tsunade’s death.

#6 Shikamaru


Shikamaru is the most intelligent character of the manga. Shikamaru is a powerful warrior who uses his intelligence and his cunning to achieve his goals; he uses the power of shadows which allows him to paralyze his enemies. Shikamaru will unfortunately lose his master Asuma during a fight against the akatsuki; SHikamaru will come back changed and even more powerful.

#7 Itachi Uchiha

itachi uchiha

Itachi Uchiha or the most stylish character of Naruto. Itachi is one of the most appreciated characters by the Naruto fanbase. Indeed, this character with his enigmatic look and style has been the talk of the town. Itachi is originally the most gifted ninja of his class. He grew up in his family with the uchiha clan.

One day, he hears that his parents and his clan want to make a coup against the village of Konoha. Itachi is then caught in a dilemma: defend his village or help his clan. Itachi makes his decision, he decides to kill his clan and his family. Devastated and suffering, Itachi lets Sasuke his little brother live because he can’t kill him. Itachi will live until the end of his life hated by everyone without anyone knowing that he actually saved thousands of people by killing his family.

#8 Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha

Obito is a character who appears late in the series, he is nevertheless a character strongly appreciated by the fans of Naruto. Obito is a character who like Naruto is not a talented shinobi in his childhood. Obito is part of the team of Kakashi and Rin, he quickly becomes very much in love with Rin. Unfortunately one day the team is trapped and Obito dies or almost, indeed he is saved by Madara at the last moment. He quickly becomes an agent of evil who acts for Madara.

obito’s sharingan is the mangekyo and is one of the most powerful in the manga

#9 Pain Nagato

pain nagato

Pain is one of the most stylish characters of the manga. He is the leader of the akatsuki. Nagato has lived a difficult life, he is originally a war refugee who is taken in by the master jiraya who will be himself master of naruto later. Pain as his name indicates it is a character who sank in suffering. Pain managed to master the rinnegan which is very difficult in the manga

#10 Madara

madara uchiha

Madara or one of the great villains of the Naruto series. Madara is definitely one of the most powerful and stylish characters in the manga. There is a memorable scene where he single-handedly attacks one of the army corps of the great ninja army. Madara is the leader of the uchihas, a clan known for its strength and sharingan.

The sharingan allows to read in advance the enemy’s movements. He grows up with Hashirama but they both become rivals. This rivalry will lead to Madara’s death. However Madara thanks to his powers resurrect to be able to put his plans in action. He takes Obito as a disciple and teaches him what he knows about shinobi powers. Madara is a great manipulator, he succeeds in manipulating Obito. to gather all the tailed demons to accomplish his mission.

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