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Top 10 best naruto gifs on the web

Naruto is a very visual anime series that has met huge popularity over the last few years, it is due to its story as much as its visuals that are very apealing for the younger audiences. People all over the world are searching for cool looking Naruto wallpapers, gifs and videos to be reminded of their favorite anime characters, so here is a list of our top 10 favorite Naruto gifs we’ve stumbled accross on the web :

10 : Naruto dashing forward

Top 10 best naruto gifs on the web

This gif showcases Naruto Uzumaki, the anime protagonist, dashing forward with an angry face look and his fist charged with energy to defeat his opponent.

9 : Naruto and Sasuke’s Rivalry

Top 10 best naruto gifs on the web

This gif shows Naruto and Sasuke engaging in a ferocious hand to hand confrontation, as their forearms hit eachover it creates a shockwave that displays how powerful both characters are! Impressive isn’t it ?

8 : The Naruto run

Top 10 best naruto gifs on the web

The naruto anime series introduced the world to a weird but interesting way of running with its characters keeping their arms tilted backwards as they run. This gif shows Naruto Uzumaki doing just that in a field.

7 : Minato Teaching Naruto the Big Ball Rasengan

Top 10 best naruto gifs on the web

Minato is the father of Naruto Uzumaki, he is known as a powerful Hokage and he is there depicted teaching Naruto how to create a Big Ball Rasengan.

6 : Sage of Six Paths Mode

Top 10 best naruto gifs on the web

When Naruto Uzumaki goes into Sage of Six Paths mode he ain’t no joke.. This gif puts into perspective the power that emanates from this legendary character.

5 : Naruto Uzumaki vs Pain Nagato

Top 10 best naruto gifs on the web

This gif takes the game to another level, Naruto is shown fighting Pain Nagato, both in their classic outfits / appearance and it features an amazing camera movement as we start from behind Nagato on the right side, do a complete circle around both characters fighting and end up behind the rear of Pain Nagato’s left shoulder.

4 : Naruto Sage Mode and the Giant Sage Frog

Top 10 best naruto gifs on the web

This gif goes the extra mile to show us how huge is Gamabunta, Naruto’s toad. We also notice the presence of Fukasaku between Naruto’s feet, which is the frog that taught him his Sage mode.

3 : Naruto vs Sasuke Final Fight

Top 10 best naruto gifs on the web

The “final fight” where Naruto’s Kurama fights Sasuke’s Susanoo form. It’s a ferocious fight where both characters get one arm cut.

2 : Naruto Uzumaki Hand Sign

Top 10 best naruto gifs on the web

For our second best Naruto gif we chose this short gif of Naruto Uzumaki executing his hand sign technique. This is such an iconic move of the Naruto Universe !

1 : Hidan vs Asuma Sarutobi

Top 10 best naruto gifs on the web

And the winner of this top 10 Naruto gif is the Hidan vs Sarutobi fight ! It showcases both character executing complex techniques and movements with their respective weapons in a high definition short gif with a nice camera movement giving the viewer a feeling of speed, such an amazing gif !

So, which one is your favorite ? Did our rankings match yours or do you think we missed some other cool gifs ? Let us know in the comment section down below !

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