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Naruto’s Ninja Ranking Explained

Academy students = Children who aspire to become ninjas and must pass an elementary exam to advance to genin. They usually know only a few basic techniques, the use of a few light weapons, and some theory, such as the history of the village in which they live, which they are taught in the academy.

Genin = Ninja apprentices, who have passed the academy examination, are considered Genin. They must submit to the orders of a Jonin in charge of teaching them more complex techniques. They perform only D-type missions and, to advance in rank, must take the exam to become a Chunin.

Chunin = Chunin are considered mid-level ninjas who perform B and C type missions. The transition from Genin to Chunin is very large, as Chunin must be group leader of some novice ninjas.

Jonin = The level of “Jonin” marks a ninja’s achievement of high skill. Only veteran ninjas are considered Jonin. Each Jonin is entrusted with some Genin in order to best instruct them. They may also be privately taught some promising ninjas who may become future Hokages. They perform type B and C missions for training and sometimes also type A missions. They are responsible for defending, if necessary, the village from possible enemy attacks. In addition, some of them are chosen as examiners during the examination to become Chunin.

Special Jonin = Special Ninjas who are entrusted with a specific task (often involving assassination). Also included in this category are special team members who specialize in various tasks, such as medical. The jonin who specialize in torture and interrogation are also necessarily special jonin.These special ninjas sometimes wear an animal mask so as not to be recognized.

Kage = Hokages are the Elite of the village ninjas, that is, the strongest and most experienced warriors. They perform type A and B missions.
continued… Kage Info

Sennin = The Sennin (or Sannin), called “Legendary Ninjas,” are Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade

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