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Naruto and Hinata’s relationship

Introduction of the relationship between Naruto and Hinata

To begin this article I would like to talk about one of the most famous couples in manga. The most emblematic relationship in the Japanese manga Naruto is probably the relationship between Hinata and Naruto himself.
Indeed, this relationship would make even Romeo and Juliet look like a bad children’s tale.
At the beginning Naruto was madly in love with Sakura who only had eyes for Sasuke Uchiha the famous and talented shinobi of the Uchiha clan. Sasuke, unlike Naruto, didn’t care about her. Hinata was in love with Naruto.
We can see that the love relationship at the beginning of the manga is a real fiasco and that nobody really finds love. During all the manga the readers expected a couple Sakura Naruto hoping that Sakura falls in love with Naruto at the end of the manga, unfortunately it was not.
This choice in truth was to be expected. Indeed Sakura never let pass even a single glimmer of hope for a potential love relationship with the famous carrier of the 9-tailed demon. For once in a manga it is not the hero who gets the partner he wanted at the beginning, but the character in love with the hero who gets satisfaction. This kind of scenario is rather a rare one.

Why did Hinata get in a relationship with Naruto?

First of all, at the beginning of the manga we notice that Hinata is the only female character who is more or less insensitive to the charm of Sasuke who is the stud of the manga. She only has eyes for Naruto who is training hard to realize his dream of becoming the future hokage of Konoha village.
Hinata is the only one who believes in Naruto’s abilities. Thanks to that she will try to improve herself in order not to be a burden for him, she knows that he will become hokage so she doesn’t want that later she can’t be at his side.
Hinata is the only female character who at the beginning of the manga believes in Naruto while he doesn’t even know how to use correctly the multicloning technique. Thanks to this belief in him she faces her shyness to become an accomplished female ninja. Another clue that Hinata and Naruto are linked by a special bond is in the arc bread. At the moment when bread implies that he killed Hinata, Naruto goes into a rage and unlocks the 8 tails, a fact that he had never managed before.
We live the love adventure of Naruto and Hinata in the movie Naruto the Last. It is in this anime that the relationship between Hinata and Naruto reaches a climax. Where Naruto and Hinata become a couple.

Who is Naruto Uzumaki?

naruto uzumaki

Naruto is the main character of the Japanese manga. Naruto at the beginning of the manga is a character with an orange jacket and orange pants. He is blond and comes from the famous Uzumaki family. His father Minato is the former Hokage of the village who died protecting the village from the nine-tailed demon: Kurama.
Speaking of Kurama, Minato was forced to imprison him in the body of the shinobi Naruto, his son. So Naruto is born with superhuman powers that he can’t control.
As the manga progresses, Naruto will evolve not only physically but also mentally. At the beginning of the manga Naruto is a character who laughs a lot, he is very bright and is not very serious. Over time he will become more and more calm until he becomes the calm and thoughtful hokage that we all know in the manga Boruto.
As he grows up, Naruto will cut his hair shorter and shorter, which will make him look more and more mature. With time he will manage to master kurama in order to release his chakra at his ease. So he will become stronger and stronger until he becomes an accomplished hokage. Naruto’s jackets will remain similar throughout the manga, they will keep all the orange so precious to Naruto.

Who is Hinata Hyūga?

hinata hyuga

Hinata is a young shinobi who immediately falls in love with the main character of the series namely Naruto. Unlike Naruto, Hinata will see her hair getting longer and longer throughout the manga. So when she is young Hinata has short black hair. Hinata is an extremely shy character at the beginning she has difficulty to express herself and is afraid to talk to her classmates, in short she has no confidence in herself at all. Hinata is a member of the Hyuga clan which is a famous clan in the village of Konoha. Basically she is the direct heir of the Hyuga clan but she will be dismissed from the position by the clan and replaced by Neji Hyuga because of her unsuitability. Hinata’s special abilities are the Byakugan, which is the presence of white eyes that are able to see through bodies and materials. The byakugan is one of the marks of the Hyuga clan as well as the uchiha clan with the sharingan. With time Hinata will mature and lessen her shyness while keeping her kindness and her sweetness.

Are Naruto and Hinata predestined to be a couple?

When you think about it, these two characters are similar in many aspects. Hinata is fascinated by Naruto but maybe this fascination comes from the fact that she sees herself through the shinobi Naruto. Naruto had a terrible childhood. He had no father or mother to take care of him. He was harassed by the whole village for carrying the tiger demon inside him. Hinata was bullied by the Hyuga clan to be able to live up to the Hyuga clan’s demands. She wanted to show her father that she was worthy of the expectations he had in her. In this desire to please, Naruto and Hinata are both the same.
In this adversity Naruto always showed a great confidence in himself despite these trials. It was this confidence that dazzled Hinata. She was impressed that someone who had gone through such terrible things could be so confident and so bold. It was this aspect that was missing in Hinata that she found in Naruto.

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