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Demon Slayer ! Tengen Uzui : a tribute to Naruto ?

Demon Slayer ! Tengen Uzui : a tribute to Naruto ?
Demon Slayer ! Tengen Uzui : a tribute to Naruto ?

Surely one of the most appreciated characters of Demon Slayer Tengen Uzui is an eccentric character that attracts the sympathy of the reader for his personality, his humor but also for his fighting style. Indeed, the pillar of the sound is a ninja with flamboyant techniques, a character that can remind us of the universe of the famous work of Masashi Kishimoto “Naruto”.

Through the character of Tengen we can analyze some winks or direct or indirect homage from Koyoharu Gotōge towards Naruto.

Tengen Uzui the one who wanted to free himself from the rites of his family

Tengen was born in a shinobi family, a sibling of nine children raised in the ninja precepts with a very difficult training. A training so difficult that some lost their lives during it.
During a training session, Tengen’s father forced them to kill each other without knowing that they were fighting each other as they were all masked.

After killing two of them, Tengen realized that he had taken the lives of his own brothers.

Demon Slayer ! Tengen Uzui : a tribute to Naruto ?
Demon Slayer ! Tengen Uzui : a tribute to Naruto ?

In this first information about Tengen on this fratricidal training, those who are fans of Naruto can remember Sai who in Naruto shippuden had to kill his brother to be promoted by the root, a nice indirect tribute.

Tengen, the one who puts life before his mission.

Being educated as a ninja, the success of the mission is fundamental to be recognized as a great shinobi but Tengen did not share this vision. After understanding the deception of this bloody training, Tengen decided to leave his clan with his 3 wives by respecting 3 simple rules

first you
Then the respectable humans
and finally me
Tengen understood that life was more important than the mission, which echoes the father of Kakashi’s character in Naruto Sakumo Hatake who preferred to save his comrades at the expense of the success of his mission

and as a famous ninja would say “In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum, it’s true, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.

Tengen sound pillar

A sound pillar ninja in another work than Masashi Kishimoto’s can make us think of the hidden village of d’oto which is linked to sound in Naruto’s universe, another wink that we can notice is Tengen’s headband which can remind us Jiraya’s in Naruto except that Tengen’s is decorated with jewels.

Another wink a little more subtle in the spin off of Kimetsu no Yaiba “the school of the slayers” the homage is direct towards Deidara since Tengen is then an art teacher and his motto is “art is dynamite” by throwing real dynamites, a replica which is close to the one of Deidara in Naruto which is “art is explosion”.

Tengen even if he is not the most powerful pillar remains for me one of the characters who made the interest of the arc of the pleasure district, his style, his humor, his devotion towards his wives and our 3 heroes, his self-sacrifice to fight at the risk of his life, his fight against Gyutaro with only one arm and one eye missing will make Tengen mark the work of the demon slayer.

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