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About Naruto’s author

Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, already showed aptitudes for drawing at a young age. Since his junior high school days, his books were filled with doodles and manga characters he was passionate about. He was particularly impressed by the drawing style of “Akira,” which he always tried to imitate, and by Slam Dunk, a manga he thought was very funny. Despite this, until the age of about twenty he wrote nothing but a few small stories, which found no place in the face of far more complex manga. Kishimoto slowly began to specialize in a mangaka school and created a baseball manga that he became very fond of, but which was not very successful. His first real manga was indeed Naruto, published in 1999. Within a few years Naruto won a large share of fans worldwide, and in 2003 it arrived in Italy, very well received by the public.

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